• 4 Tips for Staging Your Home When Selling 4 Tips for Staging Your Home When Selling on blog.timsinger.com

    The key is to make sure they can see themselves living there—not you

    So you’ve decided to sell, and now comes the time when you have strangers entering your home, opening closets, making judgments and then possibly just leaving without another word ever to be said. Sounds awful, right?

    Perhaps not. Getting your house ready for visitors doesn’t have to be as big a project as some make it out ... Read more

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    3 home improvements that help increase value

    If you’re thinking about making home improvements, you may have just realized how many options you have. Pretty overwhelming, right? We know how it can be, which is why we’ve put together this little guide. Sure you can have new carpet installed in the master bedroom, but narrowing down your options to the ones that will add value to your home will ... Read more

  • How to Get in the Holiday Spirit in Ft. Lauderdale holiday

    Music, merriment and snow—right here in South Florida!

    The holidays are upon us and unlike the other parts of the world, where winter weather is the first indication ofthe spirit of the season, in South Florida we’re still sinking our toes in the sand, taking short-sleeved strolls down Las Olas and basking in the warmth that is our familiar paradise.

    But even though we don’t have snow-covered streets ... Read more